TSN_sunbakeI Shalt Not Sun Bake – recently waxed skin is especially vulnerable to sunburn.

If your hitting the beach after a wax slather on at least SPF 50+ & reapply every 2 hours.




TSN_skinnyI Shalt Not Wear Skinny Jeans Afterwards –  yes don’t forget you need to let the skin breathe!

Stick to cotton underwear after getting a Brazilian

ditch leggings and jeans after a full leg wax

and opt for a sleeveless top for an underarm wax.


 I Shalt Ditch The Gym That Day – forget about going to the gym post-wax! Why? 648423cf21f8f49c5fb5a00291f164e2

Heavy exercise and working up a sweat can block the pores,

increasing your chances of developing those damn ingrown hairs,

it’s best to wait at least 24 hours.


SONY DSCI Shall Not Shave In Between Appointments – the longer the hair the smoother your results will be.

Hair grows in stages and all of your hair is never at the same stage,

shaving interrupts the process and stimulates the hair growth again.




TSN_EXFOLIAT I Shall Exfoliate –  to prevent ingrown hairs exfoliating between appointments makes ALL the difference.

Not only does it keep the dead skin at bay, but it also keeps you soft and smooth.

We recommend Skinstitut’s Glycolic Scrub 14 % 



I Shalt Re-book  – if you want to decrease the level of discomfort over time,TSN_diary

become a frequent waxer! The more you wax, the less you will need to wax,

and over time, hair regrowth will become sparser.



TSN_moisturiseI Shall Moisturize Especially in the winter months skin can become dry.

Dry skin can result in skin being lifted & course ingrown hairs – ouch!





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